Perichoresis 7.2

Perichoresis 7.2 (2009)


LEE W. GIBBS, Richard Hooker’s “Discourse on Justification” and his Via Media Theology


This article focuses on the continuing contemporary debate over Richard Hooker’s doctrine of justification. It also addresses two other controversies which permeate current Hooker scholarship, namely: 1. How much of the Roman Catholic or Thomistic and the Magisterial Reformation traditions are discernable in the thought of Richard Hooker? 2. Is Hooker an exemplar or a prototype of what was later to become known as the Anglican via media tradition? The article concludes that in spite of all past and present disputes over the most appropriate way to interpret Hooker’s writings, his wisdom continues to be valuable both for the instruction of individual Christian believers and also for the various Christian churches. KEY WORDS: justification, Richard Hooker, Magisterial Reformation, Anglo Catholics, via media Full text